Do I need a reservation in order to come inside?

You do not need a reservation to play, however call to check availability as we get really full at times. Walk-ins are welcome!

Do you only host parties or are you open to the public?

We host parties, as well as entertain public guests during open hours.  If we are closed for a private event or holidays, it is posted on our website and in the facility.

How much do I have to pay for a laser tag game?

Our regular game Price is $10 per individual game but we have great prices for members at $8 per game.

Can I play -Free for All- and other fun games?

Definitely, at Blast City we have other amazing chasing games like Dracula, Capture the Flag, White Rabbit, King of the hill and much more. Ask for them to our referees and they will be more than happy to assist you explaining them.

Will other people be playing in our laser tag game?

Laser tag games at Blast City can accommodate up to 20 people per game, there are high chances that your group will be playing with other people of any age and of either gender. Private laser tag games can be booked at additional cost, and reservations are a must for private games.

Can parents go inside and watch their kids play?

Parents can go with their kids inside only when they are playing too. Otherwise, we have our game referees in charge of the game.

What is Exclusive Rental?

For our standard laser tag birthday parties, we can accommodate up to 150 people, and we simultaneously take in 2 separate birthday parties at once to play laser tag, as it is a “the more the merrier” type of game. However, for larger groups, or groups that simply want the laser tag arena exclusively for their group, we offer “Exclusive Rental” birthday parties. While it is a bit more costly, for some parties, it may end up being a better deal, or simply provide the privacy you desire.

What are your hours?

Mon-Thu- private events, field trips only

Fri              3pm – 9pm

SAt             12pm – 9pm

Sun            12pm – 8pm

Do you provide storage for purses and personal items?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

What is the duration of the laser tag game?

The Laser tag game is 12 minutes of intense action, fog, light effects and great music.

How does the laser tag work?

The participants will go into Briefing/Vesting room and we will show them a video explaining how to use the equipment and the way our interactive arena works. Also explaining the rules to enjoy a fun and fair game, right after they will put on their vest and prepare for the game. Referees make sure that all vests are correctly placed and that everyone is ready, then all of the players go inside and play tagging each other or a mission based game.

What is the minimum number of participants to play a private game?

To play a private game (for a group) you will need to pay for the whole round (20 spots).

Do you allow any outside food?

No we do not allow outside food. Please see our Catering Menu for parties.

How much does a party cost?

We have several party packages, please refer to our Birthday Party page.

Is there a dress code to play laser tag?

We do require at least some clothing! We also highly recommend that you do not wear open-toed shoes. Under no circumstances can anyone play laser tag barefoot. Remember that the arena is blacklit, so white or bright-colored clothing will glow, and darker clothes will help you stay out of enemy sight!

Is there an age limit to play laser tag?

We recommend laser tag for kids age 6 through 96! We do not have an age limit, but it is a blacklit environment and the game is open to people of all ages. We see children younger than 6 rush in to play enthusiastically, and we see some children older than 6 who’d rather wait outside. Younger children can enjoy adjacent Kids World facility.

Is laser tag only for kids?

You shouldn’t be wondering about this. OF COURSE NOT! Shame on you…. Laser tag is for ALL AGES.

When I am going to play a second game, will I have to go over the video, and vesting room stages again?

Yes, we need to be fair to other players and explain details. In case all players have played the game, you will be required to go through all stages first.

Are there any instructors or referees inside laser tag during the game?

Yes, our referees do “rounds” making sure everything runs smoothly meanwhile you play and watching out for any kids not obeying the rules that were explained on our mission rule board. NO running or climbing and staying 5 feet from your opponent.

Are you open to the public during a Party?

Yes, we are open to the public all day. But, every party has designated private party room reserved just for your guests. We also offer Exclusive Rental.

Do you have any packages for groups that are not celebrating a birthday?

Yes, we have group packages for schools, daycares, churches, youth sports, teams, scouts, and camps!  Please refer to our Group Events page. Group packages are not available without a reservation and are not available as a party package replacement.