Bumper Balls

Come and have lots of fun with our amazing bumper balls

Bring your friends and family over for a game of Bumper Balls. Wonder how to play? You will get strapped into giant inflatable ball and roll around or bump into other participants. We have different sizes for kids and adults. It’s a great form of exercise, team-building activity or a party add-on. Bumper Balls are based on availability.

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Reasons to Come to Blast City Laser Tag

Because the price is unbeatable.

Whether you book the facility for two hours or five, our hourly rates offer the best bang for your laser tag buck. We understand the value of your dollar, and we honor that with an invaluable commitment to providing you with the best laser tag experience ever.

Because you’ll never go thirsty.

You’ll need to stay hydrated for your – how many is it? Oh yeah – unlimited games of laser tag. Plus, we’ve got adult beverage add-ons for the over-21 crowd.

Because you’ll never have to wait in line.

Ever. That’s what happens when you have Blast City stand-alone laser tag facility all to yourself.

Because anything is possible.

“Unlimited” laser tag doesn’t just refer to how many games you can pack into your time slot – it also means there’s no limit to what can happen while you’re here. With so many opportunities during your event, you might just break our high score and become a laser tag legend.