Plan Your Next Fundraiser at Blast City Laser Tag

Escape the ordinary and bring your fundraising event to Blast City Laser Tag. If you’re in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and Simi Valley, whether it’s a fundraiser for a church, elementary, junior high or high school fundraiser, high-school swim team event or girl scout troops, or you just want a fundraiser to fund your annual retreat, you can rent the entire Blast City Laser Tag facility as an exclusive rental.

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Think of all the reasons you might need to hold a church, elementary, junior high or high school fundraiser. Is your list more than 10? More than 20? No matter how many reasons you can imagine to throw a fundraiser, there’s only one place you’ll want to host it.

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Whether your high school swim team needs to raise money to attend a national competition, or your church group could use a little help funding its annual retreat, Blast City Laser Tag serves as the perfect fundraising venue.

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Bring on the youth organizations, the Girl Scout troops, even the school-wide fundraisers. We are prepared to help you meet your fundraising goal.

Speak to a team member today about scheduling your next fundraiser. Call (818)-233-8944, text (818)-338-8887, or utilize our online contact form below.