So, let’s play a game. We want to see how much you all really know about laser tag.  Let’s see who can answer the following questions correctly:

  1. In a “team-based” laser tag game, can you score any points by tagging anyone on your own team?
  2. If you get tagged in a “free-for-all” laser tag game, are you done playing for the rest of the game?

Ok, so now the BLAST CITY portion of our quiz has arrived.  Only the Special Ops Team and true BC Fans will be able to answer these ones:

  1. How many bases does Blast City have, and what team colors do they display?
  2. How many ELEMENT targets are there around the Blast City arena?
  3. Does Blast City have an Unlimited Laser Tag option?

So, if you think you know the answers, here is the catch.  If you visit Blast City Laser Tag in July or August and can answer ONE of these questions correctly, you will win a $5 game card for FREE.  Just let the Command Crew at our Front Desk know you wish to take the quiz.  Good Luck!!!!


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