Archery Attack bows at Blast city is specially designed for within our awesome archery tag US. They’ve got weight, meaning anyone can get into the action. Besides, they’ve got fantastic draw power so you’ll get loads of distance making your game more fun.

Archery Attack Bows

Our standard bows are used for almost all our sessions. They’re easy to use and great for almost all ages.

There are also our fantastic junior bows for kids’ sessions. The archery tags US bow is lighter and also don’t fire far. Having a lower draw power means the kids can play safely. It means the smaller kids won’t require more strength to shoot and get involved.

Besides, we also have special bows, which are smaller in for archery tag US bows. These bows are extremely light and designed for the youngest of kids. At blast city, we want everyone to be able to get in and have a go, no matter you are young and adult or old age all will have fun.  Having bows of different sizes will enable people of all ages can get into the action of Archery Attack.

Archery Attack Sessions

We at Blast city, break the archery tag US sessions into different age groupings. There are different sessions for different age groups, for younger we make use of normal bows. Junior sessions are best for kids under the age of 13 years. Some kids can make use of the regular bows, but junior sessions are only given these bows that are safe for them.

That is the reason we have a standard and junior session to cater to the right bows for the right age groups and so that kids play safe and have a great time. That includes using the right bows so that everyone playing can shoot as per their ability and everyone can feel safe while playing.

Get into the Fun!

Archery tag US is designed for all ages to get into the action for unlimited fun. At Blast city LA, you can book your session now by visiting or talking to the experts. Check out our latest line of arcade walking dead, all-time favorite Air-Hockey, dual Motorcycle Driving game and more. We also organize graduation parties, team parties, team building, youth groups, camps, corporate parties and more!

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