Laser tag is a popular game loved by people of all ages. It leads to more excitement than playing counter strike without hurting as that in paintball. Be it a team-building session, Kid’s birthday parties, laser tag are one of the best fun things to do in LA with kids. It is a good game and fits for all the aforementioned functions. Blast city LA has the high tech equipment to make your laser tag game more fun!

Check out the reasons to find why you should select a laser blaster right now!

Brand New Arsenal

Yes! We have upgraded our arena for fun things to do in LA with kids, laser blaster that now has a lot of new functions and increased reliability. These guns still have the smell of the plastic-wrapped on them, so come down quick before they become used again. Just to mention a few of the new gun functions, you can shoot a gun or even a missile with it, as ludicrous as it may seem. You can even team up in 3 or 4 now instead of the usual two, revolutionizing the game.

Fit for all ages

As we mentioned above, laser tag game is people by people of all ages. While there is a certain degree of physical activity but no contact between the players makes the game more interesting. You can enjoy laser tag with your own kids, like a family bonding kind of thing as the game doesn’t discriminate by age. However, for safety purposes, the adults should be careful while running and avoid tripping over the kids otherwise it could turn nasty. Fun things to do in LA with kids will run around while adults have a chance to get blast back to the past, feeling the joy of playing such a childish game long ago, it will be a good time for the family to bind together.

Shoot and Sweat

In these times, most of us are it schooling or working, are holed up indoor, facing computer for the entire day. Laser tag is an opportunity to get a break from the digital screens, to have some time to work to bust the stress. Not only is this Fun things to do in LA with kids is a spontaneous exercise but also a fun work out too. Furthermore, there is excitement felt in the arena. The laser tag will send a huge adrenaline wave that will feel exciting that you ever felt before.

Where to get unlimited laser tag fun?

At Blast city, we know what our loved ones like to play. We have unlimited games Laser tag, Arcade game, Bumper balls, Ballocity, Basketball room, Atomic rush, Restaurant, and Toddler Area. You can have fun with the high-tech lightening & sound system too, VIP room, FREE* WIFI.

Feel free to enquire more about the games and other fun things to do in LA with kids from our experts! We would love to assist you!!!

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