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There are many games, but Laser tag game in thousand oaks is a great game to play with couple of friends, a party, or to join in with a new group of people. It’s very simple to learn the game play basics, but truly dominating this fast-paced shooting game takes practice and more strategy.

Laser Tag is a shooting game just like to paintball and air soft. One of the main differences between Laser Tag and other sports, however, is that Laser Tag is perfectly safe and clean. You don’t need to wear safety equipment as players don’t hit pellets or paint balls; whereas, Laser Tag uses completely safe beams that will never hurt anyone. They do not use pellets or paint balls also mean that there won’t be any residue or cleanup involved after playing.

Come play Laser tag game in Thousand Oaks at Blast City

At blast City, Laser Tag game in Thousand Oaks, our guns hits much farther than paintball and air soft guns. It is a great game for indoor and outdoor fields because range will never be a trouble. Every gun has it sensor, & a headband with three sensors. This provides players to shoot at a player’s gun or headband. Players do not need to wear a huge vest or other gear, which makes our guns lightweight and easy to use.

Everyone can enjoy the Laser Tag game, No Age restriction! It is a fun sport! Blast City laser tag game is flexible with its game design, providing it to join any group or setting. It is completely perfect for any parties, family events, corporate retreats, indoor arenas, etc. It can also call to any kind of player, whether it those looking to competitive group, a challenge or just want to have fun, laser tag games are the best.

How does the tagging of laser tag guns work?

When the beam of light shot by the gun it hits the sensors and made a ‘tag’ or ‘hit’. The sensors release a field covering the body of the person wearing the vest, making sure a hit is registered if any part of the body is touched by the beam. We make sure that if you hit someone, you shoot him/her with 100% accuracy and without hitting another player at the same time. Blast City allows you 100% shooting perfection & believes us; this is the best in the business.

Whatever you need, we are sure you will use Laser Tag to add fun and excitement in your wish list. If you’re interested in learning more about the Laser tag game in Thousand Oaks, or things to do in LA. Visit Blast City or call us at (818)-233-8944.  We would love to hear your query!

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