Laser Tag has the power to turn your friends into sworn enemies. All the competition causes you to go against one another for the duration of the game, but in the end it’s all fun and games.

If you’re looking for you and your friends to have a good weekend, Laser Tag is the perfect activity to get your time going. When it comes to Laser Tag there are several things you need to know in order to have a great time. With the help of our experts, we at Blast City LA can give you a rundown of equipment, deals, and other essential information about our Laser Tag opportunities.

What is our equipment quality?

At Blast City LA we have state-of-the-art gear and an interactive Laser Tag arena in Los Angeles. Our equipment consists of a vest with high tech sensors for detecting when they are targeted. The vests are tagged and the player hit is down for three seconds. The phasers that we provide are attached to the vests preventing the user to lose or drop them. They have laser advancements that improve your gameplay by accurate and precise shots when fired.

 What makes Blast City our first choice?

Aside from the exemplary equipment and interactive arena, Blast City has other features that make it the number one Laser Tag arena in Los Angeles. For one, Blast City is the only arena of its kind to have 22 different game modes. If you’re sick of playing straight free for all fire ask our team members to introduce you to a whole new way to play! We have game modes like Rabbit, Zombie, Domination, and more!

Other than our exclusive game modes we also offer much more than your standard Laser Tag arena in Los Angeles. Blast City LA has an arcade that is full of racer games, claw games, shooter games, and co-op missions for friends. In addition to our games, we also have a full functioning café/restaurant with many delicious options for you! If anything on the menu needs to be changed, we can edit the meal to be vegan or gluten-free. So come and try our many dishes, fit for adults and kids alike!

The packages we can provide

Our Laser Tag arena in Los Angeles has a variety of deals that we can offer. For example, for $25 we give you 3 hours of unlimited Laser Tag and arcade play! If you’re looking for a party we have options for that as well. You can choose between our gold, platinum, and private packages to find the one that is right for you.

All of our party packages include games of laser tag, game cards, 2 slices of pizza, 2 pitchers of soda, a party room, a dedicated party host, and 2 hours or party time! If you’re looking to have a grand weekend with friends or with family then coming by our Laser Tag arena in Los Angeles is the best option for you! By taking advantage of the deals provided you are sure to enjoy your time with us!

Bring your Team or Group to Blast City Laser Tag to host team parties, field trips, schools, church events, team building events, scouts, lock-ins and more!  We team can help you host these memorable parties. Get in touch with our experts today to schedule your group event. Call (818)-233-8944, text (818)-338-8887, or utilize our online contact to discuss your event.

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