Blast City is a single roof, where you can provide a quality fun experience to your kids and family members. We believe that a best fun experience is possible if it recognizes a blend of creativity, competition, and mental growth. You experience the power and fun of this blend with our Laser Tag Games Los Angeles. Kids also love it because it translates video games into reality! Hence, you just don’t play this game, but live it. The rules of Laser Tag game are also quite easy to understand. If the difficulty related to game exists, then you can ask for a help from the professional staff of Blast City at anytime. We are always ready to provide assistance to deliver a superb indoor gaming experience.

A Perfect Choice for Laser Tag Game Los Angeles:

As already explained above, Blast City makes use of a perfect blend for delivering satisfactory experiences to the families. However, it would be easy to understand for you if we list down the factors that separate Blast City from the rest of the competition in Los Angeles:

  • Diversity in the Game

You don’t just play a typical laser tag game in Blast City. Our Laser Tag Game contains a lot of features that keeps the kids engaged and interested. The Audio and Visual equipments in our arena make use of latest technology so that a sense of real battle can be experienced. We have diversity in the Laser Guns as well, so that you can choose your own Laser Gun based on your personal preference.

  • Safety

Safety is an important concern when it comes down to Laser Tag Game Los Angeles. The outfits and safety equipments that we provide are made from the finest materials so that players can focus on winning the game instead of worrying about safety.

  • Robust Technology

We make use of latest technology in reference to software and hardware both. For example, the outfits that we provide for Laser Tag Game consist of a sensory chipset that recognizes the hits.  The efficient Audio and Visual infrastructure in the arena also elevates the gaming experience to the next level.

  • Food & Beverage

We believe that games can be made more interesting if tasty foods and refreshing beverages are available. We have a wide menu that recognizes popular food items that can be enjoyed by kids and families. Our menu comprise of small bites, salads, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, ice-creams, and much more.  The best part is that all these food items fall in the price range of $3 to $25 only!

Apart from experiencing a superb Laser Tag Gaming, you can also subscribe to our exclusive membership plans that come with lots of perks and discounts for all major amenities at Blast City. Our annual membership costs only $10 and kids’ world admission costs only $6! We also have arcade deals and special rate plans for groups. Also, our laser tag games Los Angeles are covered for adults also, so that everyone can have a happy time.

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