Winter is upon us, it’s that time of year, and that means the children are home for the holidays! Whatever you celebrate, during this chilly weather it’s nice to stay cozy and enjoy time with your family. What can you do to enhance that family bonding time? If you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment & children’s activities in Los Angeles, look no further than Blast City LA!

Interactive X Arena for Laser tag

Our laser tag has an interactive X Arena featuring a plethora of game modes designed to guarantee the enjoyment of our guests. The participants will typically play one of two game modes to ease into the game. These modes are team fire and free-for-all. In team fire, you work together with your team (either red or blue) and take down the other team’s base. This game mode is super fun if you enjoy cooperation and want to work with your friends or family. Free-for-all is a game where it’s every man for himself. You try and tag other players while still trying to defend yourself. You can also aim for the tag lights on the walls for extra points. You try to get to the top of the score board by gaining the most points in your group.

Blast city LA has upgraded our arena to encourage exciting children’s activities in Los Angeles! We have brand new top-notch equipment, so come down quickly to our place before they become used again. Just to mention a few new phaser functions, you can tag a single time, or do a triple shot by tapping the sensor on you phaser to change modes. You can even use it as a shield to defend yourself against you opponents.


Not a dull moment would occur for you when hosting a laser tag party for kid’s birthday. It would be one of the most amazing children’s activities in Los Angeles. Laser tag is a true source of entertainment because the children are eager to start participating in the game. This type of party can be hosted inside Blast City where your party can have fun, explore, and enjoy their experience.

Boost a child’s cognitive function

The laser tag party has a beneficial effect on a child’s cognitive function. A laser tag themed party can stimulate the brain, allow it to focus and process things following the instructions offered by our laser tag party crew. These children’s activities in Los Angeles can enhance the decision making and interactive skills because they have the opportunity to learn new things. Like, for example, the proper way to use equipment, follow rules and communicate with other players. You children will learn about the environment surrounding them and adapt to increase their chances of winning the game and be a better played over all.

Flexibility of venue

The best part for selecting our laser tag party package is the flexibility it offers for the venue ensuring safe and fun children’s activities in Los Angeles.  Our laser tag party organizers can help set-up a laser themed party right in the encouraging, safe, clean, and exciting environment provided. Your guests invited to the party will be amazed and happy to attend it.

Who to contact for a laser tag party in Los Angeles?

Blast City LA is the right place if you want to host a laser tag party for your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration. Our expert team will plan and make this laser tag party the best party. Contact one of our Blast City LA representatives to know more about out latest laser tag birthday party options.

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