We are nearing the end of 2019! That being said, it’s time to come around with more ideas to help you organize a birthday party to remember for years to come. Do you think you need birthday ideas for kids in California but all that you’ve seen so far isn’t so thrilling? Well, you’ve finally come to the right place! At Blast City LA, you are going to have an amazing experience to make your kid’s birthday party fantastic.

If your loved ones enjoy playing games, this is the party for you! Bring a smile on your kid’s face and their friends with unlimited fun and adventure.

Fantastic Laser Tag Themed Birthday Party

The laser tag is the best! It is the perfect birthday idea for kids in California to make their day big with excitement. Laser tag is fun, energetic, and ensures a good time for all. You get to play using our top-notch state of the art guns and one of a kind laser tag technology with your friends and family, ensuring everyone’s enjoyment. In fact, a Laser Tag Themed Birthday Party is brilliant to involve candidates of every age group. If your kid loves laser tag, then it’s time to start planning a fantastic laser tag themed birthday party ASAP with Blast City LA. Everything from the fun colors and party decorations to the food, cake, desserts, and party favors will be an absolute hit for your child! When planning a party with us for any age group, our team will make arrangements to guarantee they’re going to love their birthday at Blast City LA laser tag. There is so much to show you within our laser tag facility, so let’s begin!

Competitive Spirit

If your child has a love for competition and wants unlimited fun, laser tag is perfect for you! As a parent or guardian, you want your kids to be safe and far from danger, but have no fear! With our safe and controlled environment, we can ensure your child’s safety and that their birthday is for sure going to be a blast, at Blast City LA! It’s an amazing birthday idea for kids in California, as we will cater to almost all of your Birthday needs to make sure your child’s party is perfect!

Fun and Exciting Game modes

Our Laser tag arena has 18 different game modes for your kids to try! Free for all fire, Team fire, zombies, you name it! We have so many deluxe modes to keep your players interested and make every game feel brand new and exciting. This can be action-packed and filled with fun to make your child party experience great!

Searching for a place for your child’s birthday?

Look no further, as Blast city LA is here to make your birthday celebration and gaming experience exhilarating with top-notch equipment and high tech sounds! Get in touch with our team to discuss your gaming ideas, or to organize birthday parties, events at our place. We would love to answer your questions!

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