The smell of fresh cut grass.  The sounds of pads coming together.  The freshly painted end zones.  The beautiful poetry of a perfectly executed inside zone read to the backside linebacker.  Sorry, got a little carried away there.  But, all of this means…… FOOTBALL IS BACK!

And now that America’s REAL game is back, you are going to need some time to focus in on your favorite team or keep track of all your fantasy players.  And Blast City has the solution.  We offer a $25 drop-off deal where your kids can come and spend time up to three hours in our facility while you kick back and watch some good ol’ American football.  Sink in to your favorite chair or spot on the couch or even hit the bar with your friends and let us watch the kids.  It’s a worry free solution for even the most hardcore college or NFL fans.  So, bust out your favorite face paint, dust off that vintage Eric Dickerson jersey you have been saving for months and simply enjoy your time watching the game.  Simply stop by Blast City any time on Saturdays or Sundays and we’ll do the rest.

Oh and we almost forgot…….  GO RAMS!!!

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