Everyone is different so as the quality. Especially while playing the best laser tag in California, you could see a multitude of the many unique personalities involved in the game. So here are funny types of the people we commonly find while playing the game of the laser tag. It will help you build a team spirit. Blast city Interactive X arena offers high-tech lightening & sound systems too to make your laser tag experience for your colleagues or friends.

Read on to find out how you can find your personality type or if you can peg a character type for unlimited fun during the best laser tag in California at Blast City LA.

The one with the fancy moves

If you take away the laser guns from his or her hands, you will find actually these guys are dancing or something. Because objectively speaking, occasionally you will see these guys are performing moving jumping up or down, ducking or more. Basically moving here or there and using plenty of unnecessary flashy movements. To be honest with this individual is a life of the party to cherish your mood and ultimate fun.


It is to be expected that we see kids. This is the game of the laser tag, so it is true that full-fledged adults uncontrollably revert into their younger kid self while on the court. It is really amazing to watch such a scene. You would spot these guys moving up or down, one chasing the other in the race to win the game.

The Drama Queen

Have you ever encountered this condition, where you sprung up on someone in the best laser tag in California, and the victim screamed so loud and started running away as fast as they can? These sensitive individuals in the game are heightened feelings of flight under the circumstances of a Laser Tag game. We just say that it is okay to scream loud but you too focus on safety by watching your steps. We don’t want you to get hurt in the race to score high.

Lazy to move

As the game begins, laser tag games, there would be run-up players to rush and get their guns. At Blast city LA you can get top-notch equipment to make you win the game and to enjoy to extreme. However, there will be some who just stroll in to collect their guns or wait at the back for the more energetic teammates to help them to get their guns. Don’t get trapped into the plan it can be a strategy to win the game.

Laser Tag with Friends and Family

At the end of the day, a laser tag is all about fun with friends and family! You can enjoy at best laser tag in California to achieve your goal to be a winner and we all love to win.

Are these tips and tricks making you excited to play?

Visit Blast city LA for the best laser tag in California together to test your new strategy out to see how these tips can put you in the top spot!

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