Laser Tag is a famous way to have fun on weekends, vacations & family outing in Los Angeles. Whenever you get started, it’s almost impossible to pull over. But then it comes to the time & money barriers. That’s how a proper membership becomes your best friend. Let’s find out what handsome facilities you may get with a membership of Laser Tag Simi Valley.

Enjoy Free Game on Joining

Just become a member and there you go. The very first amenity welcomes you with free gameplay. That’s exactly what puts an opening smile on your face. Stay calm, there’s so much more to arrive.

Get Discount on a Laser Tag Mission

Moving ahead, you get to enjoy discounts on the purchase of any single Laser Tag Mission for further. Laser Tag Simi Valley comes with a membership plan that always goes light on your pocket.

Enjoy Member-Only Events

What’s the meaning of membership if you’re not introduced to special events? Membership means a matter of certainty. You also get a chance to bring your family to such events or simply merge any of your party with these events. Events may be of multiple natures like Patriotic, Love, Horror or Action. Laser Tag Simi Valleyassociates with many exciting events that you must check out once.

Tracking Your Rank & Performance

A membership at Laser Tag Simi Valley also lets you repeatedly track your Arena Rank & Score so that you could analyze your performance and improve accordingly. Moreover, it holds your interest in the gameplay and consequently makes you a pro on the same.

Get a Code Name

This is the coolest thing about the gameplay. You feel like a real-time character and enjoy the realistic nature of it. Whenever you start feeling such, you give out your best and consequently uplift your skills. Other than that, people get to know your skills & admire you on the same. Your code name gets famous among several pros around you.

Show Your Skills in Tournaments 

It’s not that childish thing you consider it to be. There are often superb arrangements for tournaments and you may exhibit your talent through a membership plan. It also lets you win exciting prizes if you’re worth a victor.

Blast City fulfills such requirements of yours being a remarkable member of its Laser Tag Arena. Moreover, it provides special discounts for Birthday Parties, Lock-In Tickets & Regular Games. To become a Laser Tag Pro, get your membership today. We’re waiting!!

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